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Can I manage without marketing?

Can I manage without marketing?

You can but you shouldn't! Why miss the opportunity to increase the number of clients for a very small cost? Especially if you take in consideration that some of your competitors have already started campaigns. Benefits of a good online campaign compared to traditional advertising?

  • Lower advertising costs
  • Greater ads effect
  • Campaign feedback
  • Instant communication
I don't have a web shop

I don't have a web shop

Web shop is not required to start an online campaign. A good online campaign will bring customers to your store and will inform them about the benefits of your products and services. What kind of information does a campaign provide?

  • Promotional products
  • Product information
  • Activity in sweepstakes
  • Everything else :) 
Required budget?

Required budget?

Even the smallest budget can significantly increase the activity on your website or any social network. If combined with an interesting content, the effect is multiplied! How is my budget spent?

  • Create a campaign
  • Increase clicks to your website
  • Generate positive Impressions
  • Build your social community

What's this all about?

Online marketing is the advertising of products and services throught the Internet. Online advertising has many advantages over traditional forms of advertising. The main advantage is the much lower cost of advertising and offers the ability to specifically target desired group. One of the most important thing is measurable return on investment. Through online marketing, all the most important statistics of visitors and buyers of certain products and services can be traced at any time which means that at any time it is known if a certain investment is worth and it is possible to stop the campaigns that doesn't generate a satisfactory return. Internet campaign can be lunch within a few hours and the results are visible in a few minutes. The share of online marketing is in many countries already in excess of the classical marketing but for many other products, over 85% of informations are collected on websites which visitors have reached over some of online campaigns.

We create the strategy for Internet marketing which the vote on your brand, business or corporation will finally leak out. Our brilliant search engine optimization (SEO), which attracts more traffic through search engines, Pay-Per-Click strategies that increase the responsiveness of desired consumer groups, advertising through social networks, e-mail and video we will make sure that your website is not only visible but also that the traffic of your website increases by attracting the new and the potential customers . For some time now, we successfully lead a complete online marketing for the largest companies such as Vulkal.

Some of the strategies of online marketing are: SEO – Optimizing content for web search engines like Google, marketing social media, content marketing, newletters, advertising on search engines.

How do I pay for online campaign?

Costs of online campaign are divided in two main parts:
The creation and managment of campaigns and of the part of the total budget that goes to advertising.

Ready to start an online campaing?

Request a quote or make a call and we will give you all the necessary information and advice!
We can guarantee a huge jump in number of visitors and inquiries, regardless of the size of the budget!


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